Recap Formation SWIS – Society of Weight-Training Injury Specialists symposium 2015

1. Long-distance runners use the fascia system more than the muscle system.

2. Fibroblasts in the Fascia system can remodel into myofibroblasts. Hard inflexible tissue. Example: sitting for long periods will reduce the flexibility of the fascia your compressing, changing the make up of your tissues and posture.

3. Reduced consumption of monounsaturated fat, and increased consumption of polyunsaturated fats cause reduced Testosterone levels.

4. Studies prove that plain avocado oil reduced skin aging when both applied locally and consumed.

5. Alcohol, insulin, caffeine, and low zinc levels affect proper conversion of omega3 fatty acids for use.

6. If the levels of DHA are low in a child (due to the insufficient omega3 consumption of the mother), it will be attracted to stimuli such as video games (etc) in an attempt to stimulate the brain.

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7. The major problem with scientific research for sports supplements, and exercise science is the limited access to the desired groups for testing (athletes or true weight training populations).

8. 100% whey protein means that 100% of the protein in the product comes from whey sources, but there are low concentration wheys such as WPC34 (34% pure), as well as WPC80 (80% pure). The product won’t necessarily indicate which were used.

9. Training women isn’t about calories in:calories out, it’s about hormone control.

10. Drinking water should contain 300ppm trace minerals, but most bottled water contains almost none. This causes further mineral imbalance in the body in an attempt to balance it.

11. If arms do not move comfortably while walking, tight triceps or lats should be considered to correct posture.

12. “You can lie about what you lift, but you can’t lie about what you look like.” John Meadows

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13. A health professional should always ask two questions: What can I add to your life to improve your health? & What can I remove from your life to improve your health?

14. Meals should be eaten in 20 minutes, taking three comfortable breathes between mouthfuls.

15. Endurance training will inevitably deplete amino acid pools, causing the body to replenish them by breaking down muscle protein. You “run your muscles away”

16. During endurance training, the body will oxidize fat to a certain extent, after which it will shift to relying on oxidizing protein.

17. Cortisol (stress) ultimately binds to certain genes involved in muscle atrophy, and can affect the expression of genes (Myostatin included – muscle cell growth).

18. Adrenal fatigue from exercise isn’t very common. Lifestyle has a far greater impact on stress.

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19. Acupuncture is the fastest way to treat the adrenals. Much faster than with supplements.

20. Five full grown men driving back from Mississauga in a pick-up truck are incapable of maturity on any level.


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